How we do it

Case Study

Crossfit Downpatrick were on the verge of their rebrand to ASCENDANCE  and came to us looking for a  badass logo to go with their upgrade.


After meeting and chatting with the owner, we got a good sense of what they were after. Being from Downpatrick, their Irish roots were strong, so this should feature in the imagery, the Tiger had been a strong mascot for them in the past so that was to also be included, and finally big inspiration was found in the TV series Vikings as well as Viking culture in general. Most importantly, it had to be the letter ‘A’


The logo had to speak volumes about the toughness required to be a Crossfit athlete, what it takes to give it your all every day, both in and out of the Gym. It also had to portray the superiority of Ascendance, how it will push you to become better everyday – stronger than you ever thought you could be.

Existing Logo


Our Process

First, we took to pen and paper and started getting our ideas out of our heads.


To get some consistency on the celtic patterns, some ideas were moved to the computer, printed off and continued to be sketched.


Then: breakthough. A few of us came together to discuss our ideas. The group setting triggered an idea that we all loved and included all the elements: Tiger, Celtic Patterns, a solid sword-hilt like shape with the strong lines for the Viking elements, creating an ‘A’ while allowing for room for the name and/or a tagline.


Back to the computer and applied some varation to the new logo, seeing what worked best, plus the addition of text and the development of a simple tagline: RISE.


Once we had chosen our final design, it was time for refinement. Each shape had to be perfected so that replication would be perfect. The pattern was tidied up, spacing made consistent and some lettering adjustments.


New Logo


Being iCON, we didn’t just want to leave it there.  We took the logo and built a 3D version based on our Illustrations. It adds depth and further enhances the ASCENDANCE message through the grungy, battle scarred metal texture.


The logo was revealed using our 3D model, in a short video that we filmed on site in Crossfit Downpatrick, merged with CGI, edited and put together. Check it out: