Here’s what we’ve been exploring

With technology moving so fast, we’ve made it our mission to help you stay ahead of the curve. We strive to push the boundaries of what is currently possible to help give you an advantage in presenting your products and services. iCON Labs is where we tinker with technology and try new things prior to bringing them to market. Welcome to the future…

Smiley Monroe 3D Giant

We've been working on some 'ground breaking' ideas for forward thinking client, Smiley Monroe, to draw customers to their stand at next years ConExpo in Las Vegas. Standing at over 2m tall the fiberglass sculpture aims to combine the Irish legend of Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn MacCool) and Smiley Monroe's positioning as 'Giants of Belting'. Hopefully it will become a focal point for snaps and selfies for visitors to the show. We'll keep you posted as our concept takes shape.

Light Blub Animation

We’ve been playing with some engaging 3D character animation to help present your key selling points.

Smiley Monroe Big Reveal

Nothing captures the imagination more than trying to see something you can’t quite make out. In this example we were playing with draped and animated fabric over a new Smiley Monroe ‘Giant’, as a teaser, prior to its first appearance at a trade expo.

Magdek 3d Model

When they launched their own fan product for the agriculture sector Magdek struggled to communicate their difference. Through creating a series of 3D models, we helped them show that each product had actually been considered, designed and improved - showing the steps from drawing board to reality.

Roycroft Dashboard

We developed a new workflow web app for Roycroft Interiors to help the remotely track every component of their stock ordering and delivery process. The future is mobile and this clever little app is accessible through any smartphone or tablet with data updated universally in real time, helping ensure that everything arrives and is fitted on time.

Product Demos

We wanted to show how products could be ‘exploded’ to highlight their technical complexity and their simple function. Using 3D product modelling, the possibilities are endless…

360 Degree Photos

The opportunity to give customers an immersive view of your product or premises is just too good to miss! We invested in the technology to create amazing images at a very affordable cost. Users on smartphones and tablets can pan around in a full 360 degree images using their touch screen or simply mover the screen around, as if it is a window in front of the scene.

We’re already working on integrating these into a pseudo Virtual Reality (VR) experience for trade shows and exhibitions.

Smiley Monroe Competition Entry

Smiley Monroe wanted to entice potential customers with a exciting competition to win an apple watch. We delivered a digital competition entry system for iPad that they can use at trade shows and other events. The entrants receive an email with links to social media platforms linked to the competition. Our system even picks the winner at random…